Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

First of all, We wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day. Welcome to our website www.artlovesmoney.com. Our website is basically for lovers, who are interested in Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift ideas, latest Wallpapers, HD Images, Quotes, Wishes, Sms, Greetings Cards, Messages, eCards, Whatsapp, Facebook Status, Cover Pictures, Photos, Printables for your Lover, BoyFriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband. Wish to him/her and celebrate this lover’s week. For the lovers, Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day in all over the World. And it comes. Firstly, we will give you some introduction about this lovers day.

You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. This world has seen countless love stories flourish and several others ending at a low note. Nevertheless, the feeling of love has still remained immortal. From Romeo Juliet to other historical couples, we have only strengthened our belief in the emotion called love. It is without a doubt that I confess, that love itself has been the sole binding force that has made mankind survive on earth. Compassion has been the centrifugal force in ensuring harmony between individuals.

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

Coming to Valentine’s Day, I feel that it would be injustice to state the story behind this historic day not because the story is not worth reading, but there are hundreds of stories that are related to this day. Even though it seems like a tough job to depend on the credibility of any one story, the most common one says that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the memory of Valentine who used to get soldiers married with girls, who were otherwise prohibited to marry.

Valentine’s Day, as probably all people in a relationship or otherwise know, is a depiction of the edifice of love. Come February and the world gets geared to impress their partner. Most countries have elaborate celebrations to mark this day. Places all over are covered red, to indicate that love is the only emotion that brings together two people. In fact, it would be worthy of noting here that in the recent past, the recognition of the LGBT by countries and organizations world over has only made the day more auspicious everywhere. You could easily spot LGBT people expressing their love in public, which earlier was considered as illegitimate.

The Valentine’s Day is preceded by a full week of celebrations where each day is demarcated to a particular activity. Starting from Feb 7 which marks the Rose Day, the week that follows has days like Hug Day, Kiss Day, Teddy Day and others where partners are required to perform their part of the activity, a particular day demands.

Valentine's Week List 2017 - Artlovesmoney.com

Here is the Complete Valentine’s Week List 2017 with Dates & Day

DateDayValentine Week ListImportant Links
07th February 2017TuesdayRose DayHappy Rose Day 2017 Quotes
08th February 2017WednesdayPropose DayHappy Propose Day 2017 Quotes
09th February 2017ThursdayChocolate DayHappy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes
10th February 2017FridayTeddy DayHappy Teddy Day 2017 Quotes
11th February 2017SaturdayPromise DayHappy Promise Day 2017 Quotes
12th February 2017SundayHug DayHappy Hug Day 2017 Quotes
13th February 2017MondayKiss DayHappy Kiss Day 2017 Quotes
14th February 2017TuesdayValentine's DayHappy Valentine's Day 2017 Quotes

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Another important aspect of Valentine’s Day is gifts. We, too, have dedicated a part of our website to gifts which could be given to your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, with respect to varying budgets. Here, we need to understand that it is not always the price of the gift that we buy. If the person receiving the gift is not able to relate with the article, the gift has no real use. It must be able to create an emotional connect with the receiver, which will help him/her formulate opinions about you.

While gifting, remember there are certain gifts that one should not give his/her partner, whatsoever. For instance, gifting shoes or articles of personal preference are a strict no. Perfumes and other intimate products should only be gifted if you are fully aware of your partner’s choice. In case you aren’t, avoid taking risks since a single gift can ruin you evening and the days to come.

Make sure that you make all efforts to make your partner happy. In case he/she is a working person, ensure that you have a surprise planned before he enters the house. These are little gestures which can surely lighten up your partner’s face.

Ideas for gifts to men could include watches, Cameras and other accessories, formal outfits, gadgets, etc. Here are the top best 10 Camera brands for Valentine. You can choose the best camera brand from our list and give a gift to your partner. Or if you want to give any other gift, then here is the top 11 best valentine gift ideas for your Boyfriend or Husband.

When it comes to women, the list is probably endless. But, gifting women is a cheesy task. You really need to put in a lot of thinking before you decide an appropriate gift. Each woman has her own preference. What one may find beautiful might not found the same by another. Here is the top 11 valentines gifts ideas for her. You can choose from this list.

Often, Valentine’s Day is seen as just another day. This may be justified to some extent since there is no particular day to express your love. However, it won’t hurt you to go with the flow and make use of that one day to impress your partner. If you have been eyeing for a perfect day to ask your partner out, there couldn’t be a better day in the calendar than Feb 14.

Worldwide, the craze and prep for this love day is soon gaining momentum. Unlike earlier, you would notice a huge rush in malls, restaurants and other public places. Eateries offer huge discounts to partners only so you could spend quality time with your loved one even by selling fewer dimes.

It is learnt that Chinese and South Koreans spend maximum when it comes to gifting their loved ones. Well, that gives us a lesson for the coming Valentine’s Day.

We are sure it won’t hurt if you miss office for a day. We know you have been occupied in doing the household chores but skipping one day won’t burden you much. We have all been caught in the monotony of life so badly that often, we forget the human support that has kept us going. 14 Feb is only a way to thank your partners for all the assistance they have lent to you.

There are also many ideas of Valentine. Check our website other articles, you will find many more ideas. Some ideas are here :

  1. You can go to most beautiful islands of the world. Choose any one of your favorite place and go to there with your partner and express your Love. Check our this article for beautiful islands: Top 10 Beautiful Islands in the World to visit on this Valentine’s Day 2017.
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  3. If you want to buy a camera for your partner then here are the 10 best camera brands to choose.
  4. Here are 11 tips for successful relationship.

All we desire is that you take out a few moments from your busy times to make way for love, for love is something that will keep you together for a lifetime. Go out for a dinner, watch a movie, sit at a solitary place and talk your heart out, praise each other, tell things you have been wanting to tell for long, plan your life ahead or just sit still and watch each other. Make the most of this one day that celebrates love like no other day in the year.

At the touch of love, everybody turns into an artist. Find peace in your artist. Know more about your artist. Adore your artist. You won’t find this artist ever again. He/she is special. Let your partner know that.

This website has a lot of articles relating to love and relationships. We hope that you scroll through them to gear up for the coming Valentine’s.

Much love!